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SyncML products for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Three of the apps below provide synchronisation based on the open vendor independent standard called SyncML (or OMA-DS). Please don't expect these apps to just sync with anything! That's not what they offer.

These apps do offer great SyncML compatibility. If your server or service is actually conforming to the SyncML standard and not only claims to be, these apps will sync just fine *. (But if you are looking for a tasks manager that syncs with Evernote rather than SyncML, just have a look at the new "EverTaskZ" app!)

Please note however - SyncML is not mainstream. Big players like Google, Microsoft, Apple largely ignore it. So if you want to sync with those, please be aware that installing one of these app is not enough - you also need a bridging solution. There are a variety of solutions for that (see *)

In all cases - for setting up SyncML you need a SyncML server URL, a login (user/password) and the so called server paths for each type of data to synchronize. Don't ask me for these - the only people who can really tell are those that provide the SyncML service or server software!


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With autosync, iPad support, continuous calendar view, location search/enter on map, location aware tasks and tags with alarms and more... (follow @syncmlios on twitter for news)

With built-in calendar views (including "continuous"), autosync, iPad support and support for iOS 5 (can create calendars automatically according to server categories) (follow @syncmlios on twitter for news)

A great feature of the 3.0 SyncML apps, without SyncML: Continuous has the seamlessly scrolling calendar, because time is continuous for everyone, not just those using SyncML

Synchronizes iOS built-in Contacts

Synchronizes iOS built-in Contacts

Synchronizes iOS built-in Contacts

Synchronizes built-in calendar (separate from standard iOS calendar)

Synchronizes the iOS built-in calendar (no calendar built into SyncML PRO app itself!)


Synchronizes tasks from built-in advanced tasks manager (separate from iOS5 "reminders"!), including subtasks and tags (if server supports it)


Requires iOS 4.0 or newer (Versions up to 2.8 run from iPhoneOS 3.0)

Requires iPhoneOS 4.2 or newer

Requires iPhoneOS 4.2 or newer

Runs on iPhoneOS 3.0 and newer

Built-in tasks and calendar (separate from iOS calendar) with 5 views: tasks, month, week, day, list. SyncML client and server built-in. Contacts are integrated for displaying birthdays and anniversaries and for managing attendees. For contact lookup and editing, use the iOS contacts app.

SyncML sync app - calendar and contacts can be managed as before with the iOS calendar and contacts apps; but the App also provides a built-in alternative access to the iOS calendar which makes autosync possible (whenever calendar is opened or closed)

Continuous calendar view for everyone using the iOS calendar - just an alternative view on your iOS calendars, continuously scrolling through time, fully annotated so you can see your scheduled events with one glance.
(No SyncML in this app - if you want the exactly the same, but with SyncML: just use SyncML PRO)

SyncML sync only app - contacts are managed with the iOS contacts app. App only needed to perform synchronisation.

Restrictions: separate calendar and tasks, does not share data with iOS built-in calendar or iOS5 "reminders". Audible alarms require iOS 4.0 (on iOS 3.0 only indirectly via WebDAV server).

Restrictions: cannot sync attendees, limited range of synchronizable calendar entries of 6 years past to 3 years future.

Restrictions: no SyncML

Restrictions: only contacts

paid app

paid app

paid app

FREE app

(*) Solutions supporting SyncML are (list with no claim to be complete): SyncEvolution, Oracle Calendar and BeeHive, GooSync, AddressBookOne, Soocial, eGroupware, Horde, MDaemon, SyncFriend, O-Sync, Synkia, MemoToo, Mobical, Synchronica, Funambol. Most feature phones from Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola have SyncML clients built-in.
Please refer to the SyncML Wikipedia article for a more detailed list.