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This means that SyncML PRO cannot find the calendar(s) to sync.

This might be due to an iOS update, or because you migrated of your calendar somewhere else, for example by switching to iCloud or switching from iTunes sync to a online calendar (Exchange, Google).

To specify the calendar(s) to sync, please open the settings for calendar in SyncML PRO, and set the "All local calendars" switch to OFF. In the field that appears below ("Included Calendars"), select the calendar(s) you want to sync via SyncML.

Additionally, under "Where to store new entries", "Store new entries in", make sure you have a calendar selected which is also among "Included Calendars" (or none).

Please note that if you sync multiple calendars, it is important that the server has proper support for categories, as the information which event belongs to which calendar is mapped onto categories when syncing. If the server does not store categories, events from different calendars might get mixed up! So please check with your server provider first and/or do a test before syncing multiple calendars.